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The origin of "C J Entertainment and Production Studios"
As family we love music, and, entertainment just as much. Early 2006 we completed the lapa, that has become a popular visiting place with family and friends. But there was "something" missing: a good sound system, and not just "any" system. We've visited sound system outlets, and, finally at Oosthaven’s Musiek we found what we were looking for. Again there was "something" missing. Lighting. Laser lights, spot lights, coloured lights and more, were bought. Even microphones for karaoke sing-along. The equipment multiplied. I become worried about storage space for all the equipment.

Early 2007 Jannie du Plessis joined us. Jannie grew up and went to school with my son Jurie. As a young child Jannie had already shown a talent  for singing and was outstanding in school concerts where he also developed his voice very well. His great love is country music. Jurie, again has favoured playing the keyboard since he was seven. He also plays guitar and drums, but the keyboard has stolen his heart. He prefers playing light music and also "boeremusiek" and country.

March 2007 one of our daughters was getting married. Now music in the city hall was required. Guess what? More sound equipment was bought. Including an Ibanez acoustic guitar, Ibanez bass guitar and a Fender electric guitar. A set of Pearl drums was also added to the collection. Remember, future son in law, Koos, is also musically inclined. He already performed in "boeremusiek" bands and also wanted to participate during the wedding function.

I was becoming more worried. All the sound equipment has cost a fortune and it is not generating any income. A brain storm session followed, with the conclusion: Let's start a "DJ" operation. Good. So said, so done. But first comes all the necessary registrations and documentation that must be finalised before we could begin. I've handled all the registrations and documentation, from close corporation to the SAMRO registration and licensing.

GMD ST 0125728

Chris started building a special "music" trailer to transport all the sound equipment. The trailer is designed such that each item has its own space and cannot move while in transit, as to avoid damage.

At this stage we already accumulated a number of computers, cameras and video cameras. In the mean time, the equipment collection kept growing. Chris, Jannie, Jurie and Koos tried out the equipment by experimenting with their own sound and video recordings and processing. Another few software additions were made and things started to look good.

Now, I was more worried than ever. We can set up a well-appointed studio with all the existing equipment (except that we do not have an appropriate building). I've mentioned this to everybody involved. Before I could blink properly, the foundations for a studio were prepared. The plans included sound proofed recording rooms and a stage for "live" recordings.

And still our music circle is growing wider and wider.

We are located relatively central in the Limpopo Province, (the old Northern Transvaal) in Nylstroom (now Modimolle) approximately an hour's drive from Pretoria, in a tranquil Bushveld environment. We provide overnight facilities for artists whilst recording with us, who requires two to three days for the recordings.

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